Customer Alerting and Notifications

Automatically Send Customer Updates

Route4Me's dynamic route optimization system plans and optimizes routes automatically, then sends them to your people, and permits them to view these routes using their smartphone.

Notifying customers is something that each business does differently, and we permit you to set different alerting rules for your customers.

The GPS tracking software in Route4Me automatically sends updates to customers

For example, you can notify customers the day before a route with the approximate arrival time of a driver with up to 5 minute accuracy.

Or, when drivers begin approaching certain customers you may want to notify a customer when the driver is within 5 miles, 5 minutes, or 5 kilometers of the customer's location.

You can even configure and send an automatic SMS text message and e-mail with tracking URL, so your customer can see where your driver is as the driver approaches.

If you subcontract work to other drivers, our tracking and notification works with their routes and devices too. That means your customers are always up to date, and your customer service team is not distracted with low-value activities.

Real-Time Alerts & Notifications Using GPS Data

  • On-Approach Vehicle Tracking Map
  • Upload Your Company Logo
  • Totally Whitelabel our Tracking Page
  • Fully customizable SMS and Email Alerts
  • Specify your preferred voice call text
  • Geofence Triggerred SMS & EMail Notifications
  • Define when customers can see your driver locations
  • Upload Driver Images and Info
  • Define automated alert time-of-day cutoff and frequency