Family Business

Navigating the Family Business Through a Time of “Dangerous Change”

A surprising statistic published in May, 2011 by the United States Small Business Administration was that family-owned businesses account for 90% of all businesses in the United States

Family Business Issues and some Tools to Help - Theory vs Real World”

Universities are studying “the family business”. Fairleigh Dickinson University, in New Jersey, established the O. Berk Company Family Business Forum in 1992, to support local family businesses with breakfast present...

Keep your family business from becoming a “Petrified Forest” (Still Standing, but Fossilized)

What does an awe-inspiring national park in the sunset-hued Arizona desert have in common with a family-owned business? Quite a bit, it turns out.

Competition for the Best Family-Owned Business – Learning from the Winners!

Family businesses are not just “businesses”. A key government agency is monitoring this subsection of “business” in the United States, to find out how they operate and how they can flourish, or fail.

Sibling Rivalry in the Family Business

Family businesses can function as well with family members, as with non-family, except when siblings are not in harmony.

Family Business Series - 6 - Addiction

One out of two American family businesses will have to deal with a family-related addiction problem within the company, according to a 2012 study of 99 family businesses from a broad range of industries across the country.

Family Business Series - 7 - Europe

While American family-owned and operated businesses tend to be entrepreneurial, according to The Economist, European family businesses tend to be older...

Family Business Series - 8 - The Australia Study

Australia takes its family businesses very seriously. Studying what and how family enterprises are defined, collecting statistics on them and delving into the inner workings of the family business was the object of an Au...

Family Business Series - 9 - The Australian Survey

After the official Australian governmental report was issued: Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services: Family Businesses in Australia - Different and Significant

Family Business Series - 10 - Outsiders - When to Bring Them in

When a gap in leadership for an iconic French luxury goods brand threatened the welfare of the family owned company, immediate best interests of the company required outside assistance - and an outsider stepped in as CEO.

Sibling Rivalry in The Family Business: The Dark Side

Successful and long-lived family businesses can deteriorate when the next generation is given the reigns and the deterioration can be ugly and public.

Family Business Series - 12 - Succession And Modernization

In the hit romantic comedy, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”(2002), Fotoula “Toula” Portakolas, an unmarried, 30 year old daughter of Greek immigrants, conspires with her female relatives to trick her traditional fathe...