Pillow Logistics

The Customer The Customer

Pillow Logistics

Pillow Logistics is a same-day, multistate courier delivery service in the Indiana, Illinois areas, with 125 drivers, half on routes and half "on demand". Clients are businesses that need same-day service, such as hospitals and pharmaceuticals.

Challenges Challenges

Competition for business. Pillow Logistics wants to expand more into banking and United States mail, both of which which use private courier companies. Business contracts are awarded in a competitive bid process and Eddie Pillow met with both potential clients to discuss the bids.

Solution Solution

"I made two big bids, met with both customers the Friday before Christmas. I had to show cost effectiveness for an optimized route for each potential client. With Route4Me, I was able to create the route and show how the bid was put together, right in front of them!" Pillow used Route4Me to demonstrate the cost savings of creating an optimized route, in person, during the bid process.