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Cannabis Delivery

Smoke Your Competition

Just because you’re delivering cannabis doesn’t mean your customers will be “chill” with you arriving late. A customer is a customer, no matter what you’re selling. They expect you to live up to your ETAs.

In fact, speedy service is especially important for cannabis customers. Many of them have chronic pain, and they depend on marijuana for relief. Your ability to show up on time consistently affects their quality of life.

But showing up on time consistently can be difficult. First of all, route planning is complicated. Depending on the amount of customers you need to visit, it can take hours to do by hand.

Also, there are many obstacles, such as traffic jams and construction detours, that can slow down your drivers and delay deliveries.

Route4Me is the solution to both of these problems. It’s able to plan optimized routes for you in less than 30 seconds. You just need to plug in the addresses you want to visit, set the constraints (turn restrictions, avoidance zones, etc.), and then you’re good to go.

Route4Me accounts for all the factors involved in route planning for you. Our optimization engine evaluates billions of scenarios in order to show you the most efficient way to visit your customers. Your drivers will be able to show up on time, every time.