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Pharmaceutical Delivery

$1,615 / per company* / per month

Pharmaceutical delivery companies can use Route4Me to reduce waste and increase productivity, and there are other benefits to using our platform as well.

Ever since HIPAA passed into law in 1996, it’s been especially important to protect patient information. A data breach can really cost you. Specifically, it can cost you up to $50,000 per HIPAA violation.

Information is encrypted in transit and at rest when you use Route4Me. We’ll help you stay HIPAA-compliant and avoid huge fines.

In addition to helping you protect your data, Route4Me also allows you to establish a chain of custody.

Our GPS tracking feature records your driver’s location and speed in real-time. There won’t be a single minute where you can’t account for their whereabouts.

GPS tracking makes geofencing possible. With our geofencing feature, you can set up a virtual perimeter around your customers that automatically records when your drivers reach each customer’s location. This provides you with another way to confirm that deliveries are being made as scheduled. You can never have too much proof when it comes to pharmaceutical delivery, of course.

Finally, our eSignature feature provides you with a third layer of proof. This feature lets your customers sign for deliveries on your driver's smartphone. You shouldn’t collect these signatures with pen and paper - paper slips are easy to lose. By going digital, you’ll be able to always track down your signature confirmations.