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Oil, Gas & Mining

Comply with regulations, travel only on approved roads, sync with IoT assets & drones.

Transporting materials that can be dangerous to the public and infrastructure is a tricky task.

Route4Me's commercial routing abilities ensure that your trucks don't travel on roads prohibited for that truck type.

Regulated and compliant logistics solutions for the energy sector.

There are over one dozen variables you can input, from weight, height, and hazardous materials to an Avoidance Zone feature that allows you to stay away from any areas that your team doesn't like.

You can use this feature to direct your trucks away from high crime, highly populated, or environmentally sensitive areas.

By combining our route planning software with our smartphone GPS tracking and hardwired GPS tracking, you can ensure that your entire fleet is being efficient and safe.

  • Mining fleet management systems drastically reduce transportation expenses
  • Mining dispatch systems will help you keep up with each of your team member’s movements
  • Our oil and gas fleet management solution also has a congregation detection feature, which allows you to easily detect fraud