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Fire Extinguishers

Extinguish Your Competition

Every fire extinguisher service should use routing optimization software. Without such software, your field employees will spend more time traveling than necessary, which means your expenses will be higher than necessary.

Route4Me allows you to reduce these expenses significantly. Our powerful route optimization engine accounts for all of the factors involved in route planning for you (road patterns, traffic, construction, weather, etc.). Then, it provides you with the most efficient routes possible.

Did you know that UPS saves millions of dollars every year simply by avoiding left turns? Think about it: when one of your field employees goes to turn left, they don’t have the right of way. They need to wait for traffic to clear before they can go, and all that waiting eats up a lot of gas.

In most cases, you’ll be better off avoiding left turns altogether. That’s why our platform has a turn restrictions feature. Figuring out how to visit all your stops without turning left could take hours to do manually. But when you use Route4Me, you can do this with just the touch of a button.

Route4Me has additional features, such as GPS tracking, geofencing, and avoidance zones, that will also improve efficiency and reduce your expenses.