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Mow Down your competition

Isn’t using pen and paper to plan routes for your landscaping service annoying? In addition to figuring out directions, you also need to account for traffic, construction, weather, customer availability, and many other factors. Depending on how many stops you need to make, this can take hours.

There’s no reason to do this manually. Instead, you should use routing optimization software. With Route4Me, you just need to plug in the addresses you want to visit, and then your optimized route will be ready in less than a minute.

Also, routes created by our optimization engine are more efficient than routes created manually. You’ll be able to reduce travel time by 20% to 30%, which means you’ll reduce your fuel expenses by 20% to 30%.

Another challenge faced by landscaping services is the fact that you can’t physically see what your crews are doing. They’re on the road, and you’re in the office. How can you make sure that they’re working hard and staying on schedule?

GPS tracking is how. With our GPS tracking feature, you’ll be able to see the real-time location and speed of each vehicle in your fleet. Also, this tracking data is automatically recorded, so you can review it whenever you find a convenient time.