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Pest Control

Squash Your Competition

Controlling expenses as a pest control company can be difficult. Your business model requires you to send employees out into the field, which puts you on the hook for a lot of gas and vehicle maintenance expenses.

Route4Me allows you to reduce these expenses significantly. By using our powerful route optimization engine, you’ll be able to reduce travel time by 20% to 30%, which means you should be able to reduce your gas and vehicle maintenance expenses by 20% to 30% as well.

Also, planning routes by hand takes a lot of time. You need to account for road patterns, customer availability, traffic, construction, weather, and many other factors. Depending on the number of stops that you need to make, this process can take hours.

But with Route4Me, the route planning process only takes 30 seconds. You just need to plug in the addresses you want to visit, set the constraints, and then you’re good to go. Our platform does the hard work for you.

Route4Me has a GPS tracking feature, too. This shows you where your field employees are and how fast they’re going in real-time. That way, you can make sure they’re sticking to their routes and driving safely.