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Drone Route Optimization

Delivery drones can’t carry much cargo. They have other limitations as well, such as battery life and flight range.

These factors make it difficult to plan routes for drones. If you don’t get things right, your customers will end up waiting forever before their drone arrives. Also, what if your drone runs out of juice or flies out of range in the middle of their route? It could fall out of the sky and hurt someone, and that someone might just decide to sue you.

Route4Me makes it easy to manage your drone deliveries. All you need to do is plug in the addresses of your customers and the capabilities of your drones, and Route4Me takes care of the rest. Our platform produces perfect routes for you in seconds.

You can also use Route4Me to customize the behavior of your drones. For example, you could set it up so that your drones perform a particular maneuver when they reach a specific altitude, define capacity constraints, set a maximum route length to establish a point-of-no-return distance, and much more.

You can designate certain customers as VIPs that are prioritized over your other customers. Whatever works best for your business.