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HIPAA Compliance

The medical industry is more regulated than most, especially when it comes to privacy. Businesses can be fined up to $1.5 million per year for violating HIPAA.

Route4Me is the first and only telematics platform to offer a HIPAA-compliant route planning solution and HIPAA-compliant telematics solution. Information sent through our system is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Route4Me also helps you maintain your chain of custody. Drivers can upload images to Route4Me to provide photographic proof that they actually visited each stop. All system access is logged and auditable, with IP addresses, geocoordinates, the authenticated user, and all other HIPAA-required audit details.

Our software has GPS tracking and geofencing features as well, which you can use to record your fleet’s progress in detail. You’ll never need to worry about those seven-figure HIPAA fines.