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Demand Shaping

In business, they say that the customer is always right.

It’s true - you need to do whatever the customer wants to keep them happy, and you need to keep your customers happy for your business to succeed.

But what if you could convince your customers to want what you want?

Imagine that a customer wants to schedule a visit for Monday, when you know that none of your drivers will be in their area. It would be more convenient for you to make the visit on Tuesday, when you have a couple visits being made in their area anyway.

If you could persuade the customer to wait one day for their visit, you would save money on gas. Also, by grouping your stops closer together, you would make it easier for your driver to stay on schedule.

This a frustrating situation if you only offer a flat visit fee. In that case, there’s no reason for your customer to change their mind and schedule their visit for Tuesday instead of Monday.

That’s why you need Route4Me. You can integrate our demand shaping platform with your POS system to modify the behavior of the buyer. Route4Me could calculate how much it would cost you to make the visit on Monday and how much you would save by doing the visit on Tuesday. That helps you offer the right discount to the customer for choosing Tuesday - you’ll know where to set the discount so that it’s high enough to be compelling, but not so high that it hurts your profits.

In fact, you could use our demand shaping platform to overhaul your entire visit fee system. By moving from a flat fee to a dynamic pricing model, you’ll be able to save a fortune on fuel and make your fleet more efficient.

With Route4Me, you can ensure that the decisions your customers make always benefit you. It’s the smart way to do business.