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Routes produce a lot of information. In addition to the time of arrival and time of departure at each stop, there are also factors outside your control, such as weather and traffic conditions.

What does all this information mean? Are there patterns in your routing data that can help you understand your business better?

When you’re dealing with this much data, finding those helpful patterns is difficult. There’s just too much information to process.

Route4Me uses machine learning to find these patterns for you. Our algorithm isn’t static. It collects information about your organization and improves itself over time. The more you use our platform, the more useful it will be for your business. With machine learning, we can show you things you never would have noticed yourself.

For example, you might plan your routes with the assumption that each stop takes two minutes to complete, but in reality, some of your stops are taking five minutes. This sort of miscalculation leads to inaccurate ETAs and disappointed customers.

Machine learning would pick up on that problem. It would show you that, by adjusting your expected time per stop to reflect reality, you can make your ETAs more accurate and improve customer satisfaction.

Route4Me helps you analyze the past to plan for the future. You’ll be able to anticipate obstacles, avoid delays, and maintain a good reputation.