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Family Business

Navigating the Family Business Through a Time of “Dangerous Change”

A surprising statistic published in May, 2011, by the United States Small Business Administration was that family-owned businesses account for 90% of all businesses in […]

Family Business Issues and some Tools to Help – Theory vs Real World

Universities are studying “the family business”. Fairleigh Dickinson University, in New Jersey, established the O. Berk Company Family Business Forum in 1992, to support local […]

Keep your family business from becoming a “Petrified Forest” (Still Standing, but Fossilized)

What does an awe-inspiring national park in the sunset-hued Arizona desert have in common with a family-owned business? Quite a bit, it turns out. The […]

Competition for the Best Family-Owned Business – Learning from the Winners!

Family businesses are not just “businesses”. A key government agency is monitoring this subsection of “business” in the United States, to find out how they […]

Sibling Rivalry in the Family Business

Can brothers and sisters really work together? Or is there always an underlying rivalry, dating back to the worst of childhood rants: “Mom always liked […]

Family Business Series – 6 – Addiction

When the second generation son is taking over the family business from a founding parent, and the son has a serious drinking or drug problem, […]

Family Business Series – 7 – Europe

McDonalds, circa 1749? Walmart, est. 1665? Not really, but not so unusual in Europe. While American family-owned and operated businesses tend to be entrepreneurial, according […]

Family Business Series – 8 – The Australia Study

American businesses, especially family businesses, are a patchwork of sizes, types, business models, and cultures. Working out of living rooms as well as boardrooms, corner […]

Family Business Series – 9 – The Australian Survey

How are Australian family businesses doing, cents and (Australian) dollars? After the official Australian governmental report was issued: Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial […]

Family Business Series – 10 – Outsiders – When to Bring Them in

When a gap in leadership for an iconic French luxury goods brand threatened the welfare of the family owned company, immediate best interests of the […]

Sibling Rivalry in The Family Business: The Dark Side

Bad blood and litigation-a mixture that brings to mind the modern term: “toxic family”. Successful and long-lived family businesses can deteriorate when the next generation […]

Family Business Series – 12 – Succession And Modernization

In the hit romantic comedy, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”(2002), Fotoula “Toula” Portakolas, an unmarried, 30 year old daughter of Greek immigrants, conspires with her […]