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Government & Public Safety

Guaranteed compliance, accountability, and auditability.

In the United States, tens of thousands of people die in road crashes every year.

Rushed drivers are particularly dangerous. If someone's struggling to get somewhere on time, they might drive recklessly in order to beat the clock.

Route optimization software prevents drivers from being rushed. It provides drivers with accurate and efficient routes and predictable arrival times that change based on the circumstances. That means they wont't feel any pressure to break the law in dangerous ways just so they can stay on schedule.

But what about dispatchers? How will they know if the drivers they're supervising are actually following the rules of the road?

GPS tracking is how. With GPS tracking software, dispatchers can see where drivers are and how fast they're going in real-time. Plus, if dispatchers leave for a coffee break, all speeding and other violations are permanently logged and stored. That way, they make sure their drivers are sticking to their routes and driving defensively.

  • Government vehicle tracking prevents accidents, as drivers are less likely to speed when they know they’re being watched
  • Government GPS tracking makes drivers more productive as well, as they’re less likely to slack off when they know they’re being watched
  • A public transport route planner helps school bus dispatchers find the most efficient and safe routes to school