Streamline Delivery And Service Operations

Increase Efficiency

Integrate workflows, including route planning, dispatch, tracking, driver performance and customer engagement.

A man looks at metrics provided by Route4Me’s business analytics. Automated route optimization streamlines delivery operations
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Team members prepare packages for shipment. Scale efficiently, and control costs with Route4Me last mile automation

Promote Productivity, Cut Cost

Manual processes make it difficult to scale and control costs. Automate route optimization for more efficient routes and higher fleet utilization. Dramatically reduce planning, driving, fuel and maintenance costs. Evaluate routes by region, driver or time period with interactive dashboards. Collaborate with team members to review performance and identify areas for improvement.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Last minute customer requests, vehicle breakdowns or sick drivers can throw a wrench into the gears of your operations. Give your team the tools they need to handle unexpected issues. Insert last minute stops, reassign drivers, change vehicles and then reoptimize routes instantly. Make adjustments on the fly without disrupting your business.

Drivers and dispatchers handle last minute route changes. Stay ahead of the curve with Route4Me last mile route optimization software

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It’s much more cost-effective. We can focus on things we’re better at doing rather than trying to replicate something you guys have already done extremely well.

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True Heart Rose Company manages holiday surges with streamlines delivery operations thanks to Route4Me

True Heart Rose Company Case Study

Learn how True Heart Rose Company manages holiday surges.

Outpace the Competition

Even the best laid plans need some refining. Measure your ability to stick to your plan with reports from detailed route data including mileage, fuel and labor costs. Drill down to identify areas where planning is successful and where adjustments are needed. Get actionable insights to compete cost effectively and maintain your competitive edge with Route4Me.

Associates examine planned vs actual operations with Route4Me’s business analytics