2M+ Route Planning App

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Communicate With Remote Team Members Easily

Communicating with team members who work in the field and on the road is difficult. But by using Route4Me's mobile routing apps, it's like they're right there in the room with you.

Easy to install on any smartphone

Route4Me's mobile routing apps, which are available on both iOS and Android devices, create optimized routes, map multiple stops easily, and assign tasks to your mobile workforce easily and with almost no learning curve for optimal fleet management.

Always in-sync

Route4Me is cloud-based, so any changes you make are automatically updated with all the appropriate team members on all their devices using the fleet management app. You're all accessing the same information at the same time. There's no opportunity for miscommunication. This complex problem is called collaborative real-time editing, and this important mobile routing tool is part of every Route4Me subscription.

More than just routing and dispatch

In addition to routing, mapping, dispatch tracking, and voice enabled truck and non-truck navigation, our app also turns any mobile device into a GPS-enabled route planner. You can track drivers and their bread crumbs on a Google map in real-time to make sure they're sticking to their planned routes and staying on schedule.

A GPS Tracker and route planner in one

If you want, your team member's location can automatically be shared with the customer being visited - giving them peace of mind.

Feature-rich mobile apps

Because over 90% of Route4Me's features are accessible in our mobile routing app, it's the perfect tool for managing your logistics operations. The easy-to-use route planning and optimization capabilities in our app permit you to map multiple locations, optimize any route, and dispatch multi-stop routes to your drivers instantly.

Sample image of Route4Me's iPhone Route Planning App on the routes list screen