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Mobile Route Planner App for iPhone and Android Mobile Route Planner App for iPhone and Android Mobile Route Planner App for iPhone and Android

Our Mobile Route Planner is as Easy as 1-2-3

1 Add Your Stops

Search, speak, type, scan, or upload all your addresses.
Insert Address Quickly to Plan Your Route
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2 Optimize Your Route

Route4Me creates fast, reliable routes with detailed maps in seconds.
One-Tap Route Optimization
One-Tap Optimization

3 Drive

Keep your eyes on the road with safe, turn-by-turn directions.
In-App Voice Guided GPS Navigation with Turn by Turn Directions
In-App Voice Navigation

Get home early and in a good mood! Route4Me’s mobile route planning app creates simple, stress-free routes for you in seconds. In-app, voice-guided navigation keeps you safe and on track with detailed, easy-to-follow directions to ensure your day goes according to plan. And if bad stuff happens, our powerful route optimization engine will fix it on the fly. We’ve got your back!

Trusted by Professional Drivers for 10+ Years

Professional Drivers Love Route4Me Globally

This is an EXCELLENT Routing App…I have been using this now for 2+ years & have never needed to ask any questions on how to use it...extremely user-friendly without a doubt!

Tree Service Company

Route4Me is hands down the very best, app-based software for complex delivery routing...Love the routing options including round trip, lock last destination and end anywhere.

Major Logistics Company

Route for me is by far the best route planner for contract drivers for FedEx like me. I've used it for a couple years now and they keep making the right updates and the app is so easy to use.


Flexible Subscription Plans for Professional Drivers

  • Routes Up to 10 stops
  • Unlimited Routes
  • Routes expire after 7 days
  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • Unlimited Routes
  • Unlimited Stops
  • Save 33%
  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • Unlimited Routes
  • Unlimited Stops

Looking for a Complete Route Planning Platform for Your Business?

Route4Me mobile apps are just one component of our last mile route optimization platform for modern businesses. Check out how we can help you grow your business by improving route planning, dispatch, navigation, delivery, and customer experience.

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