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CNN Money

This paid app maps out routes for your multi-stop trip. Instead of driving back and forth across town, or unknowingly taking the long way to run errands, you can map the fastest or shortest path with Route4Me. Once you take the optimized route, the app claims, you'll save 30% on gas and time. Route4Me can optimize a route for up to 200 addresses -- a $100 per month option that seems pointed at heavy-driving workers like truckers -- but a 25-address, 25-route plan is available for $15 per month.

Wall Street Journal

Route4me optimizes your route when traveling to multiple destinations, allowing you to enter up to 200 addresses per route. Route4me claims that routes are usually 25-35% shorter after being optimized.

USA Today

The app could be particularly helpful for small business owners who regularly make multiple deliveries in a single trip. To map out routes that have more than 10 stops, however, the app costs $15 a month


The next time you have to run errands, go to to find the most efficient way to get everything done. Enter up to 10 different addresses on the site and it will calculate the shortest route, complete with driving directions. It is totally free and also available as an iPhone app.

CBS MoneyWatch

This application improves your route when traveling to multiple places to find the best one to your destinations, allowing for 25 to 35 percent better optimized directions. This application is free and available on the iPhone [HINT: and iPad too]

Popular Mechanics

Whether you’re planning the road trip of the century or just trying to get to work this summer, gas prices are likely on your mind. Your smartphone can be a powerful tool in your quest to find the cheapest way to fill up your tank and make those precious gallons last.

SF Examiner

This app specializes in mapping out routes for multiple stops. So if you want to check out several garage sales or open houses in an unfamiliar neighborhood, Route4Me could map out a game plan so you don't waste gas zigzagging across town.


Route4Me is an online service that tells you the most efficient route to complete all your errands; just put in the addresses, and let it work its magic. The basic plan costs $25 a month, but there's a 30-day free trial and a cheaper, $15 a month plan if it's not to your liking. Free iPhone and iPad apps are available, too, so you can consult your routes on the go.

THV 11

Route 4 Me is a website designed to make planning your car trips fast, efficient and cheap!
You can enter up to 10 different addresses on the site and it will calculate the shortest route, complete with driving directions.

True Car

This app optimizes your route when traveling to multiple destinations, allowing you to enter up to 200 addresses per route. Route4me claims that routes are usually 25-35% shorter after being optimized.


The service built its reputation on being able to calculate the most efficient route among all of your planned stops so you get from your starting point back home or to your destination in the shortest amount of time, hitting all of your stops along the way.
Route4Me announced new updates today that extend the features of its mobile apps and Web-based route planner, along with premium subscription plans that give you the ability to plan routes with hundreds of addresses, the ability to add and keep notes along with your route informati


With a nice web interface and a new iPhone app, Route4Me is a great way to create a route for trips that have more than one stop. [...] Route4Me, however, lets you enter in multiple destinations, giving you the most efficient route so you can save time and energy by driving less.

ABC 12

.. is going to do, is, basically, give you turn-by-turn directions so you're not wasting your time when you want to find where you want to go..., similar free applications include [..], [..] and Route4Me.

ReadersDigest lets you type in up to ten errands and their associated addresses. The website will calculate the optimal route, with driving directions. Instant gas savings!


Before heading out the door, jump on the internet and enter the addresses of all the places you need to stop or fire up the iPhone app (more on that below). Route4Me plots your whole route for maximum efficiency. It will also map out a round trip so you can get back to where you started, without trying to backtrack using the initial directions.


Since it goes a step beyond the multiple-destination mapping feature I use all the time on Google and gives my iPhone this multiple-destination genius which it previously did not have, I heart this company.


The idea is to let you avoid zigging and zagging all over town, and save time. That is one of the pivotal concerns for the vast majority of travelers I know, actually – maximizing their time. Just one hour more makes an absolute difference, and this site makes freeing time up something very straightforward.


Route4Me is a Web app that allows you to input multiple destinations and addresses, and the app will plot the most time and travel efficient course from location to location for you.

Kim Komando

When looking for directions, you’re not always going from A to B. You may have a dozen places to go. This app will find the optimum route to all of your stops. You’ll save time and gas.

Teri Pacitto Group

Avoid waiting in gas-guzzling traffic jams, you can use this app to map routes for your multiple stops that doesn’t waste gas. The app will provide directions based on the shortest distance or also provide options to see alternative routes that avoid highways or even toll roads.


You need to get to the library before closing, but you also have to pick up the dry cleaning, the kids from school (can’t forget that one), and something for dinner along the way. On, enter multiple addresses and it will calculate the shortest route to get it all done, complete with driving directions.


Getting from point A to B is easy with the help of Google Maps, but what if you have a number of stops to make, and want to make your travel time as fast as possible? Point your browser to Route4Me. This website lets you enter in all of the addresses you need to visit, then gives you driving directions for the fastest loop and shortest route between point A, B, C, D, or up to 10 different locations. No more wasting gas getting around inefficiently! Plus, you can enter the addresses in any order, and Route4Me will determine where you should go to make your trip as quick as possible.


Have many errands to run at once? Lorie Marrero recommends the "optimal route planner" Route4me to determine the shortest route to take.

Christian Science Monitor won't run your errands for you but it simplifies the task. Type in all the addresses you need to go to (up to 10), and the site will calculate the shortest route and provide directions.


There’s no shortage of tools on the web for getting directions: Google Maps and Map Quest are amongst the most famous. These tools are all great for finding directions when you have a set order in mind. If you simply have a number of places you need to get to however, Route4Me can help you out by finding the shortest possible loop between the three points. This will not only save you time: it will save you gas and money.


Need to visit our vendor and a few clients this afternoon? You could eyeball the map to pick the best route, or you could do it the scientific way. Here’s a Web site that will find the most efficient route to all your destinations quickly and easily — complete with driving directions.