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Dayton Daily News

“Order early,” said George Shchegolev, co-founder of shipping optimization software Route4Me. “As you get closer to the holidays, you just have to recognize that if you’re shipping it a couple of days before, there’s a very high chance it won’t come and it’s not because the companies don’t want to do it. It’s because they’re overwhelmed.”


With more than 1,000,000 users, “Route4Me” is one of the finest route planner apps. What makes it stand out is the ability to optimize your route in a better way.

Route4Me is a fleet management software for small businesses and enterprises. It allows users to create, share, and manage optimized routing plans via smartphone apps. In this […]


How Route4Me Found Success Running a Distributed Team With over 22,000 customers spanning more than 100 countries, Route4Me is the world’s most used route optimization […]

Fleet Equipment Magazine

“Some telematics companies, in addition to the money they make from licensing fees for services, will resell all the tracking data to third-party companies or reseller, then all that data is then resold to other people,” said Dan Khasis, founder of Route4Me, a route optimization software platform that’s growing in the commercial truck market. “If you’re a small fleet, you typically don’t have a lot of negotiating power. If you have 500 vehicles or more, then you can say, ‘I want you to guarantee that my data is not going to be sold,’ and you’re still going to get a lot of pushback.”


Interview with Dan Khasis CEO of Route4Me Even a decade ago, the ability for employees to work from home seemed like a distant dream. But […]

Route4Me is an automated route planning and optimization software solution. Company founder and CEO Dan Khasis spoke to us about some common challenges when it comes to fleet routing, and how technology can help.


Leverage technology wherever possible–use Route4Me to plan the quickest and easiest routes for errands. Combine tasks and family time wherever possible to ensure that things are done in a way that is easiest for you.


There are even apps that tell you the best route for multiple stops. Here are the best ones: Route4Me: iOS – Android

Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Humans are fallible: We makes mistakes, we get distracted, and all it takes is a brief moment of distraction to crash a car and end a life, according to a press release from Route4Me, the world’s most-used route optimization platform.


Finding cheap gas is a lot easier with apps like Route4Me.

Healthcare PACKAGING

Route4Me, the route optimization program, provides companies with more efficient routes so that businesses don’t need to hire as many drivers to service their customers.


A particular program you should add to your company’s arsenal is Route4Me, the world’s most-used route optimization platform. It offers route planning, vehicle tracking, territory mapping, and other features that will make your business more productive and profitable.


Dan Khasis had a problem. He was on an extensive house-hunting mission in 2009 and got tired of his GPS navigating him through congested roads […]


Globally, there is a demand for smarter, cost effective and sustainable operations to suit the needs of consumers who expect higher customer service levels. Business […]


Need to visit our vendor and a few clients this afternoon? You could eyeball the map to pick the best route, or you could do […]


There’s no shortage of tools on the web for getting directions: Google Maps and Map Quest are amongst the most famous. These tools are all […]

Christian Science Monitor won’t run your errands for you but it simplifies the task. Type in all the addresses you need to go to (up to 10), […]


Have many errands to run at once? Lorie Marrero recommends the \”optimal route planner\” Route4me to determine the shortest route to take.


Getting from point A to B is easy with the help of Google Maps, but what if you have a number of stops to make, […]


You need to get to the library before closing, but you also have to pick up the dry cleaning, the kids from school (can’t forget […]

Teri Pacitto Group

Avoid waiting in gas-guzzling traffic jams, you can use this app to map routes for your multiple stops that doesn’t waste gas. The app will […]

Kim Komando

When looking for directions, you’re not always going from A to B. You may have a dozen places to go. This app will find the […]


Route4Me is a Web app that allows you to input multiple destinations and addresses, and the app will plot the most time and travel efficient […]


The idea is to let you avoid zigging and zagging all over town, and save time. That is one of the pivotal concerns for the […]


Since it goes a step beyond the multiple-destination mapping feature I use all the time on Google and gives my iPhone this multiple-destination genius which […]


Before heading out the door, jump on the internet and enter the addresses of all the places you need to stop or fire up the […]

ReadersDigest lets you type in up to ten errands and their associated addresses. The website will calculate the optimal route, with driving directions. Instant gas […]

ABC 12

.. is going to do, is, basically, give you turn-by-turn directions so you’re not wasting your time when you want to find where you want […]


With a nice web interface and a new iPhone app, Route4Me is a great way to create a route for trips that have more than […]


The service built its reputation on being able to calculate the most efficient route among all of your planned stops so you get from your […]

True Car

This app optimizes your route when traveling to multiple destinations, allowing you to enter up to 200 addresses per route. Route4me claims that routes are […]

HV 11

Route4Me is a website designed to make planning your car trips fast, efficient and cheap! You can enter up to 10 different addresses on the […]


Route4Me is an online service that tells you the most efficient route to complete all your errands; just put in the addresses, and let it […]

SF Examiner

This app specializes in mapping out routes for multiple stops. So if you want to check out several garage sales or open houses in an […]

Popular Mechanics

Whether you’re planning the road trip of the century or just trying to get to work this summer, gas prices are likely on your mind. […]

CBS MoneyWatch

This application improves your route when traveling to multiple places to find the best one to your destinations, allowing for 25 to 35 percent better […]


The next time you have to run errands, go to to find the most efficient way to get everything done. Enter up to 10 […]

USA Today

The app could be particularly helpful for small business owners who regularly make multiple deliveries in a single trip. To map out routes that have […]

Wall Street Journal

Route4me optimizes your route when traveling to multiple destinations, allowing you to enter up to 200 addresses per route. Route4me claims that routes are usually […]

CNN Money

This paid app maps out routes for your multi-stop trip. Instead of driving back and forth across town, or unknowingly taking the long way to […]


Tips for improving the last mile of delivery.


George Shchegolev, co-founder and vice president of operations at software provider Route4Me, believes that Amazon is looking to use its Whole Foods acquisition in a very “non-traditional” manner, at least where grocery stores are concerned. “Amazon rarely moves in a straightforward way. They’re strategic thinkers, chess players. They plan ahead,” he explained recently. “Amazon has been able to convince people to pay for its Amazon Prime service by offering free two-day shipping to subscribers [and] that offer will be harder to fulfill as more and more people sign up.” Yet as noted previously, Whole Foods has over 460 stores worldwide – and those stores now belong to Amazon, which can now use their physical spaces as distribution centers for all kinds of deliveries. “These locations offer quality in addition to quantity,” Shchegolev noted.


Route4Me helps you save time and gas by creating the most efficient route that hits all the stops you need (up to 200 at a time!).

iPhone Life

  If you ever use a mapping app to get you from one place to another you have probably wished at some point to be […]