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Route4Me Success Plan Types


( Included in All Subscription Plans )

V6  V8  V12  Twin-Turbo V12 
Minimum Monthly Support Fee $0 $100 $1,000 $5,000 $28,000
Monthly Support Fee $0 The greater of 10% of monthly product usage fees or the minimum monthly support fee
Email Support
Live Chat Support 24x7 24x7 24x7 24x7 24x7
Guaranteed Response Times
Business Critical 2 business hours 1 hour (24x7) 1 hour (24x7) 30 minutes (24x7)
Degraded Service 4 business hours 2 business hours 2 business hours 1 business hour
General Issue 6 business hours 3 business hours 3 business hours 2 business hours
9-5/Mon-Fri Phone Support
24x7 Phone Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Routing Expert
Quarterly Account Review
Weekly Account Review
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