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As a modern-day entrepreneur and business leader, you don't spend all your time in an office. You often need to go out on the road.

Of course, while you're out, you still must manage your employees, vendors, and subcontractors. The Route4Me Android mobile routing app allows you to optimize routes, map multiple stops, assign, dispatch, navigate and keep track of your team from wherever you happen to be, making fleet management easy.

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Route4Me available on over 2.6 billion devices globally

Route4Me`s route optimization app works on over 2.6 billion different devices

Last-Minute Change? No Problem

No matter how much time you invest into route planning, there's always a chance that something unexpected will happen and mess it all up! Customers, weather, payment delays, natural disasters, highway collapses - you name it!

For example, what if a customer calls you to cancel their account or order at the last minute, but your driver has already left to complete their planned route for the day? Do you want to send your person out of his way to visit a route location he shouldn't visit?

Without easy-to-use and automated software, routing and dispatch is very complicated. Removing just one stop can really change how a route looks.

Nowadays things happen so rapidly that it can be difficult to communicate these changes quickly enough to your team out in the field. They would probably end up trying to figure out new directions on their own, which can lead to delays, or distractions that may lead to dangerous and costly accidents. You and your customers certainly won’t like that! A route mapper is the type of capability that's needed to plan routes for drivers.

With the Route4Me mobile app, if you want, any change you make to a route will be immediately shared with the user assigned to that route. You're both accessing the same information at the same time. They'll know exactly what to do and you'll have information in the form of a route tracker - bread crumbs on a map telling you precisely where your driver is on his route.

Route4Me permits the ability to adjust settings inside your optimized routes on an Android Smartphone

Users See Only What You Want Them To See

You don't want to burden your mobile workforce with too much information. That's because if you assign a route to someone a week or more in advance, that gives them plenty of time to forget about all the important details of the route, or to see something before you want to show it to them.

Route4Me lets you control when users see their assignments. You can create your routes whenever you want, then set a schedule as to when the routes should start appearing to your users.

Voice-Guided Multi-Stop Navigation with Route Tracking

Voice-Guided Multi-Stop Navigation with Route Tracking

Any app that provides drivers with turn-by-turn directions will help them get through their route, but if the app must be operated manually, it will not only take time for the driver to fiddle with the controls but it will also be a very hazardous driving distraction. You need a safe GPS-enabled route planner and route tracker.

Our Android app saves your drivers time, because it uses voice-guided navigation, with support for truck navigation, to direct users to their stops. Your users won't need to interact with the app in a dangerous and annoying way to receive their dispatch and driving directions. This works with large vehicles Class 1 - 8 vehicles, and all non-large commercial vehicles too.

As a simple example, if your workforce has 10 people, doing 10 stops per day, then estimate 10 seconds per stop per driver per day (10 people x 10 stops x 10 seconds x 250 business days), and you're talking about saving at least 250,000 seconds a year - about 9 free days of labor, from just one tiny optimization inside our mobile routing app - and we have thousands of such optimizations built directly into our platform.

The efficiency boost from this feature may be small for one route, but think about how many routes your users complete over the course of a week or a month. Saving a little bit of time during each route adds up to a lot of extra productivity in the long run.

Android GPS tracking inside the app

GPS Route Tracking

One of the biggest challenges of managing a mobile workforce is making sure your people are actually working when they're supposed to be working. When they're not being watched, drivers might take unsanctioned breaks or run personal errands while they’re on the clock. This is a good way to keep honest people honest.

That's why you need to watch them, and with Route4Me's mobile app, you can. Our app turns the mobile devices used by your drivers into homing beacons. You can see where they are and how fast they're going in real-time.

The problem with most GPS tracking apps, though, is that if the user loses their internet connection at any point, you won't be able to see where they were during that period.

But that's not the case with our Android app. When the connection is lost, it stores the driver's location data on their smartphone device, and then sends it back to you whenever the connection is re-established. You'll never miss a beat.

The Route4Me mobile app will soon be available on smartwatches. This will give you even more insight into what your team members are doing - even if someone steps out of their car and leaves their phone in the cab, you’ll know where they went.

Our upcoming smartwatch app will be particularly useful if you require your drivers to make regular walk-around inspections of their vehicles, if you want to monitor fatigue at a specific customer location, and much more.

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Last-Mile Location Geofencing

Customers can be difficult. Sometimes, they might refuse to pay you unless you can absolutely prove that your employee stopped by.

The Route4Me mobile app makes it easy to provide such evidence. Our geofencing suite of tools automatically create a virtual perimeter around each of your stops that will automatically record your driver's arrival, departure, and time on site. You can customize the size and shape of your geofences, the speed inside the geofence, and even configure the amount of time your team member needs to remain inside the geofence, for it to consider a real visit.

Geofences also help you keep track of your drivers, and can send a notification to your customers whenever your driver approaches a customer's geofence, leaves an item, completes a service, and departs.

Also, your mobile workforce can use the Route4Me mobile app to upload images, videos, and sound recordings that provide further proof of their progress when traveling the last mile. If there is no internet connectivity, it's not a problem. The data is automatically sent to our cloud optimization platform once the device's mobile connection is strong enough or it connects to WiFi.

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Offline Mode

Most of our competitors' apps were designed to be used in major cities where people have full cellular signal at all times.

But our customers know that having 100% signal strength all the time is unrealistic, and out in the rest of the world, they've done it all: like routing to a pothole on a county road with no street names; picking up an empty bin/container/portable toilet in an alley, or using GPS coordinates to route to an oil well out in a field.

Route4Me's mobile app can work 100% completely offline. From the moment the optimized route is synchronized to your driver’s device, it can be visited, routed, mapped, and navigated with no internet connection at all. Attached notes, signatures, pictures, and chat messages are automatically sent to our system when cellular signal strength improves.