Deliver More With Less

Delivery Management

Increase profit and customer satisfaction with every package you deliver by automating every step from order to complete.

Deliver More With Less with Route4Me’s Last Mile Delivery Management Software
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Automate Delivery Operations with Route4Me Last Mile Delivery Management Software

Automate Delivery Operations

Efficiently manage each step of order fulfillment from possession scan to proof of delivery. Upload, enter or dynamically sync orders. Map orders to territories, plan orders on optimized routes, and use the Route4Me mobile app to sort, load, dispatch and deliver in a simple, seamless workflow.

Maximize Fleet Utilization

Get more out of your fleet by integrating order management with route planning. Increase route density and load vehicles to capacity by planning routes based on pieces, size, weight or revenue.

Maximize Fleet Utilization with Route4Me Last Mile Delivery Management Software
Keep a Complete Audit Trail with Route4Me Last Mile Delivery Management Software

Keep a Complete Audit Trail

Eliminate support issues and ensure closed loop data capture by keeping a complete order fulfillment history. Record the timeline of every order activity and archive important delivery artifacts including notes, e-signatures, barcodes, voice recordings, images and videos.

Route4Me can do some crazy stuff that we hadn’t even thought of. We can provide value to our customers in a much shorter time.

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Provide Value To Your Customers with Route4Me Last Mile Delivery Management Software

Consistently Rated The Best Route Optimization Platform

The best tracking app. The way the APP calculates the delivery points. The History that remains saved, the reports, the GPS map are excellent among other things.

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