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LOPDEX™ Scoring

The application performance index (APDEX) is a standard used by companies to evaluate computer software performance for their end-users.

Happiness is an abstract concept. It’s hard to quantify. But when companies use APDEX, they can work out an easy-to-understand numerical measure for assessing user satisfaction.

Route4Me invented a similar proprietary concept to help you make sense of your logistics-intense business. Our Logistics Operations Performance Index (LOPDEX) allows you to easily evaluate all the different parts of your business.

Businesses are like snowflakes. No two are exactly the same. For some companies, arriving ten minutes late isn’t a big deal. Other companies need to arrive exactly when they said they would to keep their customers happy. Some companies stay about five minutes at each stop on their routes. For other companies, that amount of time per stop would be unusual.

What’s normal for your business? It’s up to you to decide which attributes are accounted for in your own LOPDEX score. Then, once you’ve set the threshold, you’ll be able to run the numbers at any point in the future to see how well your drivers, teams, and departments are performing.

LOPDEX doesn’t just score field-personnel. It also helps you identify bad dispatchers, bad route planners, and customers who negatively impact your business.