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Route Accounting

Do you know if your drivers are making it to their stops on time? Can you prove that you’re satisfying the conditions of your service-level agreements? If a customer claims that your driver never visited them, but your driver says they actually did make the delivery, can you figure out what really happened?

With Route4Me, you’ll be able to answer “yes” to all of these questions.

Drivers can manually log their arrival and departure times for each stop in Route4Me, but you don’t need to depend on their word to evaluate their performance. Our GPS tracking and geofencing features give you the ability to supervise driver activity without any driver input. You can watch what your drivers are doing in real-time. Also, tracking data is automatically recorded, so you can produce proof of a driver’s whereabouts whenever you need to.

Here’s another question: do you know how much money you’re making from your routes?

Route4Me allows you to answer “yes” to this question as well. You can add the price of gas, the prices of the items you’re delivering, and other financial information to your routes. Then, we’ll show you how much your routes cost and how much profit they generate. Because Route4Me has the unique ability to do item/SKU level cost analysis routing and consolidation, your route accounting reports will be easy to understand.

You can even use Route4Me to plan hypothetical routes that reveal how much servicing a new set of stops would cost. That way, when you bid for a contract, you’ll know exactly where to set your bid so that it’s low enough to be competitive but high enough for you to turn a good profit.

Record driver activity to settle disputes and make more informed decisions. Running your business is easy when you have Route4Me.