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Delivery and Pickup Confirmation

In many industries, regulations require you to maintain a chain of custody.

Even if you don’t need to worry about such regulations, you might need to record your fleet’s progress to prove that you’re sticking to the terms of an SLA.

Also, clients can be difficult. It’s smart to record everything regardless of regulations or SLAs, just in case there’s a dispute and you must show that your driver stopped by in order to get paid.

Route4Me will give you the proof you need. Our software makes it easy to keep track of your drivers.

Do you still use paper slips to collect delivery confirmation signatures? That’s an imperfect system - it’s easy to lose a paper slip, which would make it impossible to settle a dispute. Route4Me has an eSignature feature that allows your customers to sign for deliveries directly on your driver’s mobile device. You’ll never lose a signature again.

Your drivers can upload images to Route4Me. This gives you photographic evidence that they actually made it to each stop on their route.

Finally, Route4Me has GPS tracking capabilities. You can see each driver’s location in real-time, and you can share tracking data with customers to give them some peace of mind as well.