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SFTP Data Sync

Route4Me's fTP route optimization

Automated Route Planning & Route Optimization

FTP Route Optimization gives you everything you love about Route4Me with an extra layer of automation and convenience.

Here's how it works: you or an automated program uploads a file having addresses/stop data to our secure SFTP server.

The unoptimized file will be automatically picked up and processed by our route optimization platform using the route settings you selected.

Then, the optimized route is uploaded to another folder in the SFTP.

You and/or your program automatically downloads the optimized route file and you can use it however you want.

The file and route data is encrypted while it is uploaded and downloaded, and it is encrypted at rest as well.

Route Planning Made Easy

Another benefit to SFTP Route Optimization is that, in addition to making your route planning process more secure, it makes your route planning process easier.

Although Route4Me has over 13 SDK's, sometimes IT departments are too busy to integrate SDK's. Or, legacy code simply makes it impossible to integrate.

That's why we introduced SFTP route planning, because there's no API or SDK integration required. There's no coding required. Almost zero training is necessary – it can be 100% automated.

You can use any standard SFTP client to connect to SFTP Route Optimization. Just drag and drop a CSV file to plan your routes. That's it. What could be easier than that?

Beyond manual route planning, SFTP Route Optimization is totally configurable. It gives you access to all the same route configuration settings that are available on our website.

FTP Route Optimization is compatible with AS/400, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite and many other systems. It works universally on any Mac, Windows, or Linux server.


  • Secure (encrypted) file upload/download to Route4Me using SFTP
  • Data is encrypted at rest
  • All SFTP transactions are logged and audited
  • Configurable / customization route settings (all the same settings that are available in the website)
  • Fast route processing, no need to upload or download via website
  • Uses the same Route4Me API key
  • Route processing templates - supports different route templates (for different departments, or different days of the week)
  • Connect to it using any standard SFTP client


  • No API or SDK integration required
  • No coding required. Uses standard SFTP to transfer CSV files in and out
  • Any legacy system or any ERP/CMS/database can export to CSV and then upload through SFTP
  • Instant-on automated route planning for any business who doesn't have programmers or the ability to modify API's
  • 100% automated, requires ZERO training on how to use Route4Me's website
  • Works with environments such as AS/400, SAP, and other mainframes
  • Securely whitelist our SFTP server IP in your firewall
  • Works universally on any Mac, Linux, Windows server