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Advanced Constraint - Multiple Depot


Route planning is complicated. Even if you’re planning a relatively simple route that only involves one depot, you still need to account for traffic, construction, customer availability, and many other factors. That can take hours. Also, you might make a mistake, which would delay your drivers and upset your customers.

If your route involves multiple depots, that would take even longer to plan, and you would be even more likely to make mistakes.

Route4Me makes it much easier to plan routes with multiple depots. You just need to plug in all the necessary information (the locations of your depots, the locations of your customers, number of drivers, etc.), and then your route will be ready in less than a minute. Your route will be optimized as well, so you’ll be able to save time, save gas, and keep your customers happy.

We provide you with three options for multiple depot route scenarios:

  • Routes with multiple depots and no address distribution constraints
  • Routes with multiple depots and a predefined distribution of addresses per depot
  • Routes with multiple depots and a predefined distribution and sequence of addresses