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Route Balancing and Driver Workload Distribution


Not only does Route4Me’s route planning software plan profitable and optimized routes for your business, it also enables you to distribute the routes as evenly as possible between your team members, while remaining fully optimized for your business.

An employee's performance suffers when they are overburdened, and a business owner’s wallet suffers when an employee has too little work to do. After Route4Me has saved you all of those hours spent route planning, why would you turn around and waste those hours trying to figure out the proper workload distribution for your employees? With our Route Balancing add-on, route balancing is just a click away.

This add-on also provides a different perspective of your team in general. Perhaps you’ve hired too many drivers? Too few? Get the insight to streamline your staff and optimize your business.

Route balancing for planning routes with equal distance, travel time, and number of stops.

Splitting your driver workload is a simple process. Once you input or upload your addresses into our system, simply define the number of planned routes you need and Route4Me will effortlessly output the specified number of optimized routes that contain an equal, or almost equal number of stops.

The routes optimized using our Route Balancing add-on can be easily and quickly dispatched directly to your team members on their mobile devices, which they can receive using our iOS or Android Mobile Route Planning Apps.

Routes are also highly customizable with the ability to click-and-drag stops from one route to another using our interactive timeline. Updated routes appear across all connected devices in real-time.

Split routes equally among your drivers with balanced routes and automatic workload distribution.

For further business optimization and customer detail analysis look into our Dynamic Fleet Sizing add-on.