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DSD Direct Store Delivery


Direct Store Delivery (also known as DSD or Direct Store Routing) allows a company to deliver goods or services directly from its manufacturing/production facility to the retail store or retail customer.

Traditionally, organizations would bring items to a large regional distributor, who would then deliver it to a smaller distributor or retail store.

With DSD, all the items that must be delivered to each location can be consolidated automatically at your point of origin with our route optimization software. Route4Me receives the orders directly from your order management or point-of-sale system and optimizes the routes to your direct retail locations.

Our route optimization engine takes over 20 other constraints into account, including weight, road restrictions, and the receiving store’s loading dock time windows. It also considers volume, so you won’t cube out your vehicles

DSD is particularly important (and can boost sales considerably) for companies that distribute items with a short shelf-life, such as groceries. By cutting out secondary or tertiary distribution centers, items spend more time on store shelves and don’t need to be thrown out as quickly as usual. DSD is also useful for items that are particularly fragile, as it minimizes the possibility of damage since the items are touched by fewer intermediaries.

Plus, our tracking capabilities permit staff at each receiving retail location to see where the inbound vehicles are located in real-time. This reduces dwell time at the retail location.