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Dynamic Directed Fueling Optimization™


Dynamic directed fueling optimization is a unique capability of the Route4Me platform.

This feature directs your vehicle to the closest and cheapest location to replenish fuel, salt, heating oil, compressed gas, or any other resource you need. It’s the first commercially available routing add-on of its kind.


As your route progresses, your vehicle has less of the “stuff” you’re delivering. To avoid going all the way back to home base, Route4Me can send your vehicle to the best location to get a refill.

For instance, in the case of heating oil delivery, consider that a truck can only fit a maximum amount of heating oil in its storage tanks. In areas where the customers are located very closely together, the truck might run out of oil within hours of beginning its route.

However, using our Dynamic Directed Fueling Optimization™ feature, Route4Me can find the closest pre-approved refueling facility and route your vehicle to refill its tanks as close to the next customer as possible. This way, the vehicle travels with an empty tank for as long as it can, so you increase the miles-per-gallon because your vehicle weighs less.