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Operational Fraud Analytics


Fraud happens all the time. In 2015, a driver in Atlanta was caught trafficking three million dollars’ worth of cocaine in his tractor-trailer. But fraud usually isn’t that obvious or extreme. An employee might use their company gas card to fill up their personal vehicle. A subcontractor might inflate the hours on their invoice before they send it off to you. A customer might request a refund and claim your driver never arrived even though your driver really did show up.

The average business loses 5% of their revenue to fraud every year. What if you could get some of that money back?

Route4Me will help protect your business from these losses. With our proprietary algorithms, we are able to incorporate GPS tracking data, activity logs, mobile smartphone app usage data, places visited, and visitation patterns into our fraud flagging modules.

You can keep up with your drivers in real-time to make sure they’re not deviating from their routes or doing anything else that’s suspicious. And this gives you all the proof you need to easily settle any customer dispute.

Also, Route4Me saves tracking data. You can go back and review driver activity whenever you find a convenient time.