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Road Network Optimization


Time and mileage drive up all your costs, so it’s critical to know exactly how many miles and hours it takes to cover all the roads in a specific region. Imagine being able to see the most efficient way to cover all the roads in a region by just drawing a shape over a map.

Route4Me as map route planner makes it easy to consider all road networks

If you’re a municipality, statewide organization, a company that needs to survey roads, or a contractor that needs to bid on a salt spreading/snow cleaning route, you must have accurate information on how many miles you will actually need to cover.

With Route4Me’s Road Network Optimization add-on, the first commercially available software of this kind, you can draw an area of almost any size on a map, and then Route4Me will plan an optimal route for you so that you can cover every section of road in the region in the shortest amount of time.

Unlike regular route optimization, which figures out the best way to visit addresses on a map, Road Network Optimization figures out the best way to visit road segments, while simultaneously taking into consideration one-way streets and U-turn restrictions. You’ll get the most accurate representation of expected mileage possible.