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Vendor Management


Subcontractors are great for your bottom line. They allow you to serve more customers and expand your business without committing to the benefits and other expenses that come with hiring in-house staff.

But managing subcontractors can be confusing, especially if you’re using multiple subcontractors from the same vendor. In that case, it can hard to figure out how much you need to pay your vendor at the end of the week for miles driven, stops visited, or time spent.

Route4Me makes managing vendors easy. On our platform, you can create a profile for each of your vendors that includes their contact information and rate per delivery or rate per mile. Then, you just need to assign your subcontractors to the vendor they work for, and we gather all your vendor information in one place.

You’ll be able to see how much you owe your vendors in real-time - no back-of-the-envelope calculations necessary. Also, with our GPS tracking and geofencing features, you can evaluate subcontractor performance to determine whether your vendors are really worth what you’re paying them.