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In-App Voice Guided Navigation

Drivers who navigate with voice navigation are safer than those who watch a map on a phone (especially in low-light or high-traffic conditions).

That’s why Voice-Guided Navigation exists.

Until now, drivers had to use one app for route planning and a different app for navigation.

But not anymore.

Route4Me now includes in-app Voice-Guided Navigation, fully integrated into the app.

Never make a mistake with Route4Me as driving route planner for commercial truck operations

Why “full integration”?

Full integration matters for two reasons:

No App Switching

Drivers don’t have to switch back and forth between a routing app and a navigation app. No need to glance back and forth between a phone and the road. In a word, driving with verbal turn-by-turn instructions is a much safer alternative.

No Algorithm Conflicts

Route4Me uses its own world-class algorithm to calculate optimal routes. However, if you try to use a different app to navigate a Route4Me route, it doesn’t use the same algorithm.

As a result, you can end up driving a different route. It could be longer. It could be slower. Or worse: both longer and slower. Route4Me’s navigation algorithm is built on top of its route optimization algorithm.

That gives you the most accurate results.

Easy Navigation

Navigation is easy. Just plan your optimal route in Route4Me, then tap Navigate.

Or, managers can create a route and dispatch it to the driver. All the driver has to do is tap Navigate inside the Route4Me app, and they’re on their way. No need to jump between a routing app and a navigation app.

Two Navigation Modes

Drivers can choose between Continuous Navigation and Single Stop Navigation modes:

Continuous Navigation

Continuous Navigation provides directions for the entire route. This lets drivers see navigation directions for their continuous route, from the first stop on the route to the last. Plus, drivers can see estimated time and distance for the entire route.

Single Stop Navigation

Single Stop Navigation navigates between each stop separately. Switch to this mode if one stop gets canceled. The driver can skip the canceled stop and jump to the next stop immediately.

Drivers can navigate by Address or by Latitude/Longitude Coordinates. Using Coordinates lets drivers find locations that lack an address.

Easier Training

Voice-Guided Navigation is integrated right into Route4Me. That makes it a superior choice over using third-party apps to navigate your Route4Me-optimized routes.

The Right Navigation Instructions Right Now

No matter when you plan your route, Route4Me’s Voice-Guided Navigation considers the current traffic conditions, current time of day and other relevant current factors to calculate the optimal navigation directions for your driver.

Route4Me with Voice-Guided Navigation is available for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.