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Customer SMS Alerting and Notifications - Completed + Customer Surveys

$20 / per user / per month

Route4Me Automatically Sends Customers an SMS Alert When Their Visit Has Been Completed

With this Route4Me add-on, an alert via SMS message is automatically sent to the customer when their visit has been completed. This additional documentation and transparency will help you maintain a reputation for being a reliable organization.

You can even configure and send an automatic SMS message with a proof of completion photo so your customers can see exactly when and how service was completed.

Customer alerts offered for your business are also fully customizable. Business logos, SMS alerts and templates can be easily managed to fit your business needs.

Send automated customer notifications for completed orders on last-mile delivery routes.

Master Customer Service with Driver Ratings

With Route4Me, it’s easy to keep an eye on your team members and customer satisfaction in a trackable way, maximize customer happiness and minimize unpleasant surprises.

Once service is completed, your customer can automatically receive a notification to complete a short survey. Rating your team member will be as simple as selecting a smiley face that most resembles their experience. Customers can also leave their feedback with a message.

Here’s how to get started enhancing your business with customer feedback:
  1. Customize your survey with questions, colors and a logo that is consistent with your branding.
  2. After your driver completes an order, a survey link can be sent automatically from Route4Me to the customer at the specified address.
  3. The customer completes a review where they select one of the 5 ratings and have the option to leave a comment.
  4. Feedback immediately becomes available in your reports to measure the quality of your services.

You can filter collected feedback by driver/worker, date, rating (satisfied, not satisfied, etc.)

Use customer reviews and driver rating dashboard to filter submitted feedback by driver or user.