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Address Book and Territories Planning


A business can only thrive when there is consistent information across the board regarding the locations of customers, depots, facilities, warehouses and any other real-world locations with which you interact. When copies of the same data are stored in multiple places, the data changes overtime, then one day a representative of your business arrives at a customer’s outdated address, which can be a costly mistake.

Route4Me provides a failsafe platform for our customers to manage their Address Book and Territories.

Route planning with CRM contacts and address book on a route map

Our Address Book and Address Book Map are online tools that permit you to view all of your customers, locations, territories and zones on a single visual map. You can create filters, search by attribute, set delivery schedules and even plan routes directly from the Address Book. The Address Book also works seamlessly with our Territory Management Add-On.

Territory management for service, delivery, and sales routes

You can view the number of your addresses from your Address Book in each territory in the Territory Counts section. Rolling your cursor over a territory in this section will display the exact address count for that territory.

You can also download all addresses and contact information in a specific territory as a CSV file.