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Commercial Vehicle Routing and Navigation


Commercial Vehicle & Truck Routing

There are 8 different classes of commercial trucks, which divide large vehicles by weight, height, axle count, the types of items they transport, and other factors. Whichever class a commercial truck belongs to, it’s not always going to be able to travel on the same roads that regular passenger vehicles use.

Time and distance are the two most important factors for planning routes. Trying to plan a route with, say, Google Maps, gives you the time and distance for a regular vehicle, which is often very different than the route should be for a larger commercial vehicle. For example, a Google Maps route might take you through a low-clearance canopy road, and that’s not going to work when you have a tall commercial truck.

That’s where we come in. Our route optimization software is able to accurately create routes and estimate arrival times for commercial trucks. We’ll get your time and distance right, no matter what kind of truck you drive and ensure you comply with the rules for all your commercial vehicles.

Commercial Vehicle and Truck Routing

In-App GPS Truck Navigation App

Prevent drivers who operate commercial vehicles from switching between apps inside smartphone while operating a vehicle with in-app commercial truck navigation. Route4Me's GPS-enabled in-app navigation technology improves productivity without negatively impacting safety. Voice-guided navigation integrated directly into the driver app lets drivers keep their eyes on the road while maintaining compliance with rules for commercial vehicles, and auto-corrects if wrong turns happen.

Consumer Grade Navigation vs Commercial Truck Navigation

While there are many GPS navigation apps out there, almost none of them are designed for businesses with commercial vehicles. You may be surprised to learn that it’s not lawful for a minivan with commercial plates to travel on many NYC-metro area roads and highways. Driving directions, drive times, and route optimization scenarios are wildly inaccurate when using “consumer-grade” truck navigation systems.

Class 1- 8 vehicles, classified by weight, height, axle count, hazardous materials and other factors won’t travel safely on certain roads. Advanced commercial mapping data used to plan routes is also in our truck navigation. Maintaining continuity throughout the route optimization and planning process reduces the risk of road compatibility accidents, especially on unfamiliar roads. Full integration across truck route planning, optimization, dispatch, and navigation ensures seamless continuity during your entire planning to navigation process.

Route4Me is available on our iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, and Android tablet app, and it works in the US, Europe, and many other countries.

In-App GPS Truck Navigation App