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Max Stops Per Route


Planning a route without constraints in the real world is unusual because there are always competing priorities, varying levels of customer importance, and the realities of how many people or items might fit into a vehicle.

With the Maximum (Max.) Stops per Route Add-On, you are able to define the maximum number of locations per driver route. Here’s an example, you know that drivers are allowed to work no more than 8 hours per day, but you also know that they get fatigued after handling 50 kegs of beer.

Set maximum stops per route

The Max Stops per Route Add-On, looks at the total route time and simultaneously looks at the number of stops per route. If the route duration exceeds 8 hours, a new route may created, or if the number of stops on the route is more than 50, a new route may be created.

Set limits on how many stop you permit in each route

By enabling Max Stops per Route, you’re adding another dimension of control over your routes. No one knows your business better than you do, and you probably know the approximate number of stops per route your people are able to service without it becoming a dangerous situation. The ability to set the maximum stop count lets you incorporate real-world business knowledge on top of the automated route optimization and sequencing that is part of the route optimization modules.