Assigning drivers to delivery areas is one thing, but what if you have customers requesting urgent deliveries in those areas, or a list of customers who have given a specific time window for package delivery? The challenge is to schedule priority deliveries over and above the routine deliveries.

With Advanced Constraint Add-On – Priority, you will be able to handle priority deliveries efficiently. You can assign priority levels to customer addresses and Route4Me’s advanced route optimization algorithm will ensure that drivers are visiting customer locations in the same priority order set by you. This method will ensure that priority orders do not get lost in the shuffle.

Route planning software with manual destination and order priority

The Advanced Constraint Add-On – Priority can plan complicated routes by taking into consideration last-minute customer requests, scheduling windows, and adjustable priority levels. With our intelligent route optimization algorithm fetching and populating customer data, you only need to set priority levels, and Advanced Constraint Add-On does the rest.

Route optimization app with manual order priority and visitation sequence

Having a system in place that understands priority deliveries means you can customize routes to hit the most important stops. The ability to prioritize deliveries will not only increase operational efficiency by minimizing route distances but also improve customer satisfaction.