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Max Revenue per Route


Route4Me gives you a great deal of control over how your stops are distributed to your field employees. One of the many constraints you can use for your routes in our platform is maximum revenue per route.

Set maximum revenue limit settings per route
Set limits on how much revenue is permitted in each route

Planning your routes manually is already complicated when you don’t account for this constraint. In addition to figuring out the best directions to give your field employees, you also need to consider traffic, construction, customer availability, and many other factors. That can take hours if you plan your routes by hand, and when you try to account for maximum revenue per route on top of those other factors, it will take even longer.

With Route4Me, you can adjust your routes to account for maximum revenue per route with just the touch of a button. That gives you more time to focus on all of the other things you need to do to run your business.