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Curbside Routing

$500 / per company / per month

Curbside delivery can be tricky. Some customers want you to visit or service them at the rooftop location of their building, while others require you to stop at the curbside (e.g. waste management, equipment rental).

The problem is that when you're optimizing routes and customer locations are very far back from the road, the number of long-driveways or alleys starts adding up... and results in unwanted or inaccurate hours and miles to.

Route planning software for curbside delivery

Route4Me can help eliminate these complex inconsistencies by routing to the curbside or to the rooftop, on a customer-by-customer address basis. Geofences are also linked to the curbside or rooftop based on your preference. This is particularly important if your billing or service levels for curbside versus in-building, white-glove service requires you to keep track of all these moving parts.

Route4Me also allows your customers to track the incoming driver in real-time, so they'll never get caught off-guard by one of your team members arrival.

Route optimization software for curbside delivery