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Mixed Vehicles Routing


Mixed Fleet

With Route4Me’s Mixed Fleet add-on, you can now optimize routes for a mixed variety of vehicles with that famous ‘click of a button’ feeling.

Trucks, vans, pickups or other commercial vehicles all offer differing parameters such as carrying capacity, cubic volume, weight, height, length, weight per axle, etc. These differing vehicle types all have their advantages, but optimizing routes while taking their parameters into account can be an exhausting challenge.

Route planning software for mixed fleets of vehicles with different load capacities.

Variable Vehicle Size Route Planning

Now you can easily create vehicle profiles which account for the varying capacity constraints of your vehicles. Options include:

  • Maximum pieces per vehicle
  • Maximum cubic volume per vehicle
  • Maximum weight per vehicle
  • Maximum revenue per vehicle

Your Mixed Fleet will be sure to take advantage of the capacity of each vehicle so you’re not wasting time and money with extra vehicles.

Create mixed fleet vehicle profiles with different load carrying capacity parameters.