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Pickup and Dropoff

Depending on the particular needs of your business or unique business model, you may need to visit your customer addresses in pairs, where one address needs to be visited for picking up people or packages and the second address from the pair needs to be visited for dropping off the picked up people or packages.

Route optimization for pickups and deliveries

For example, imagine that you are running a non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) business, and one of your drivers needs to pick-up a patient from one location (i.e., apartment, house, etc.) and then deliver this patient to another location (i.e., hospital, pharmacy, etc.). This task doesn’t seem to be challenging, provided that there is only one patient to transport.

But what if there are hundreds of thousands of different patients scattered all over the city, and each patient needs to be picked up at a different location and then delivered to a different place. In this case, figuring out when to pick up and when to drop off each patient in the most efficient and cost-effective sequence creates a complex routing problem.

With Route4Me, you can plan and optimize routes with hundreds of thousands of pick-up and drop-off address pairs, where the pick-up address from each address pair will always be visited first, and its corresponding drop-off address will always be visited second. Thus, Route4Me’s pick-up and drop-off optimization can be used for non-emergency medical transport dispatch, replenishment routing, food delivery, and much more.

Optimize pick up and drop off for routing