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Route Optimization for a Single Driver Without Advanced Constraints

Planning a route for even just one driver is a complicated math problem. There’s more to it than just figuring out the best directions to give your driver - you also need to account for traffic, construction, customer availability, and many other factors.

It’s hard to find the right answer to this problem with pen and paper. That can take a long time. Also, there’s a good chance you will make a mistake, and all it takes is one mistake to make your driver late to many different stops. This would be terrible for your reputation.

Route4Me finds the right answer to the route planning problem for you. Our powerful routing engine evaluates billions of scenarios in order to show you the most efficient way to plan your routes. You’ll be able to save time, save fuel, and stay on schedule.

You can choose between three tour types for single driver scenarios:

  • End route at any address
  • End route at departure address (roundtrip)
  • End route at last address