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Route Customers with Scheduling and Recurring Schedules

For businesses that send employees out into the field, there are three types of routes:

  • Routes to existing customers
  • Routes to new customers
  • A combination of the above

Once you have more than a dozen or so customers, managing these routes gets tricky, as you need to work around all of your customers’ schedules.

Route4Me is route optimization software that schedules recurring routes

Without the help of special software, it’s difficult to look a month, a week, or sometimes even a day into the future and know who you will visit. Drivers go on vacation, customers go on vacation, business slows down during certain seasons, sometimes you need to freeze out customers due to non-payment, etc.

It’s all very hard to keep track of. But it doesn’t have to be.

Route4Me offers the world’s first commercially available software that is able to automatically combine pre-scheduled visits, last-minute customer requests, last-minute e-commerce orders, and territory-based routing into one easy-to-use route optimization program.