Business Hours of Service

Automatic Time Window Append

Having many customers is a great thing, however keeping track of all their availability time windows could be a nightmare, especially with seasonal time window changes.

Route4Me permits you to manually specify time windows for every customer or every location you have to visit.

Route4Me as route planner allows you to indicate your customers' service hours

But in addition to manually specified time windows, Route4Me can also automatically append the time windows for each of your customers based on the day of week - saving you hours of work.

We get this data from numerous data partners that have global coverage - spanning all countries and continents.

In future versions, Route4Me will also permit your customers to define their own time windows without wasting your customer service team's resources.

  • The time windows you provide are incorporated into the route optimization process and optimizes your routes simultaneously with your constraints to produce the minimal number of routes required to fill the time slots that customers say they are available for service, visit, pick-up, or delivery.