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Dynamic Route Optimization™ On-Demand Deliveries & Pickups

Taking the time to plan the "perfect" routes for your team can seem fun at first, but it quickly turns into a meticulous route planning nightmare as the size of your organization grows.

Route4Me features dynamic routing, allowing you to reoptimize your routes

In the real world, things change quickly, and this forces you to constantly adjust the way you do business. Seemingly minor factors like adding a new customer or losing an old one will significantly alter your routes.

For example, an existing customer might change their visitation schedule, based on their needs in a certain season. Or maybe your office/headquarters moves every few years. These common real-world scenarios make Dynamic Route Optimization™ essential to your success.

Dynamic Route Optimization™ is our fully automatic route optimization system. It puts routing on complete autopilot for your business.


Our system is so effective because, since 2009, we have been developing new dynamic routing software technologies that permit high-speed dynamic route optimization.

High-speed route optimization requires us to analyze huge amounts of mapping data in just a few seconds, and then our special software automatically determines the best routes for all of your drivers/vehicles at the same time.

Once your routes are planned, our Dynamic Route Optimization™ system keeps re-optimizing your routes in response to your input, the input of your drivers/vehicles, and feedback from your customers.

In a nutshell, your routes will be as perfect as possible.

  • Dynamic Route Re-Sequencing
  • High-Speed Dynamic Routing Software
  • Dynamic Directed Fueling
  • Late-Freight Swapping
  • Customer Schedule Changes
  • Point-of-Sale Route Re-Optimization
  • Inserting New Addresses Into the Optimal Route Position
  • Moving Stops from one Route to Another
  • Pick and Drop Off Routing
  • Insert Stop After Last Visited
  • Duplicate Stop in a Route
  • Duplicate Stop As... in a Route
  • Traffic Based Route Re-Sequencing
  • Call Center to Route Re-Sequencing
  • Dynamic Volumetric Service Times
  • Final Mile Route Optimization
  • Last Mile Route Optimization
  • Delivery Route Planning
  • Pickup Route Planning
  • Pickup and Dropoff Route Planning
  • Waste Management Route Planning
  • And over 100 other capabilities