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Customer SMS Alerting and Notifications - You Are Next

$20 / per user / per month

Route4Me Automatically Sends Customers An Alert When Your Team Member Is About To Arrive

Route4Me is cloud-based, which makes it especially easy to communicate with your team. Any changes you make to a route on your end are immediately reflected on the mobile app used by your team member in the field.

Real-Time Alerts & Notifications Using GPS Data


With this Route4Me component, an alert (SMS/email) is automatically sent to the customer when they are the next stop to be visited on an active route. Customers appreciate being kept in the loop like this. Also, these alerts give customers the notice they need to prepare for your team member’s arrival, which will help you avoid delays and stay on schedule.

Customer Alerting and Notifications

You can even configure and send an automatic SMS text message and e-mail with tracking URL, so your customer can see where your driver is as the driver approaches.

Customer alert templates are fully customizable. Route4Me offers customer alert components for the following triggers as well: