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Customer SMS Alerting and Notifications - Geofence Entered

Route4Me Automatically Sends Customers An Alert When Your Team Member Arrives At Their Location

Route4Me makes route planning easy. All you need to do is plug in the locations of your customers, and then Route4Me will show you the most efficient way to visit your stops. Also, features such as GPS tracking and geofencing allow you to monitor your team and improve productivity.

Real-Time Alerts & Notifications Using GPS Data


Geofences are virtual perimeters drawn around physical locations for tracking purposes. With this Route4Me component, an alert (SMS/email) is automatically sent to the customer when your team member enters the geofence assigned to their location. These alerts will help your team members avoid delays and stay on schedule.

Customer Alerting and Notifications

Customer alert templates are fully customizable. Route4Me offers customer alert components for the following triggers as well: