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Use a smartphone to track your team members and sub-contractors.

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Use Route4Me's GPS tracking to know where your assets, people, and vehicles are

Track Assets, People, and Vehicles

It's not always possible or necessary to hardwire a black-box GPS tracking device into a vehicle.

GPS tracking devices are not free and often times require multi-year contracts. Telematics providers have great solutions to show you where your vehicles are by putting "dots on a map."

However, how do you know where your team members (or sub-contractors) are after they've exited their vehicle?

GPS4Me is a unique smartphone application that tracks the actual handheld smartphone. You can use it simultaneously with any existing GPS telematics system.

In addition to tracking your entire team on a map with GPS using their existing smartphone, GPS4Me is highly convenient for businesses that have flexible or dynamic fleets.

For example, consider a business that only has 10 full-time people, but grows to 35 full-time people for 2 weeks due to seasonal variability. How do you track these additional 25 rented vehicles?

GPS4Me enables you to track temporary resources using GPS smartphones without committing to multi-year contracts with GPS Telematics providers.

Real-Time Alerts Triggered by GPS Location Data


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